Wax Stick

$12.99 USD
Experience the strong hold of Lari Wig Styles Wax Stick! Get your hairstyle locked in with long-lasting hold and a natural finish. Our revolutionary hair care product is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients to give you the strong, stylish hold you've been searching for. Forget about having to worry about your hair slipping out of place, Lari Wig Styles Wax Stick's will keep your wigs laying flat all day!

Jojoba Oil, Mineral Oil, Vitamin A,
Bentonite, Glycerol Stearate, Hydroly-

Apply the stick directly on hair, or
rub a small amount of wax stick
between fingertips and apply on
ends, or along the entire hair strand.

Avoid contact with eyes.If contact
occurs, rinse with water. If allergic to
any products in the wax stick, PLEASE

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