Edge Control

$12.99 USD
Stop searching for the perfect edge styling product! Lari Wig Styles Edge Control gives you a sleek hold with just one application. Enjoy all-day hold that makes your style shine bright. Keep your hair game strong with this cult-favorite styler that defines and tames even the most unruly edges.

water, butyl glycol, polyethylene.
Pycodone, glycerides, polysorbitol.
Ester-20, hydroxyethyl cellulose,
double. (hydroxy methyl) methylene,
(daily use)Flavors, hydrolysed wheat
protein, EDTA.sodium, semi-lactose
arabic polysaccharides

Spray across lace. Melt with elastic band. Let sit or sit under hair dryer 5-10 mins.Remove elastic band. Perfect for daily wig application or touching up existing lace. Strong enough to provide an all day hold.Can be removed gently at any time.

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