Melting spray

$15.00 USD
Transform your look quickly and easily with Lari Wig Styles Melting Spray. Our spray adhesive can securely hold your wig in place with a strong, all-day hold. This product will help you secure your wig easily while also allowing the option to change it up whenever you feel like it! Enjoy beautiful, flawless styles without the fuss of long-term commitment.

water, butyl glycol, polyethylene.
Pycodone, glycerides, polysorbitol.
Ester-20, hydroxyethyl cellulose,
double. (hydroxy methyl) methylene,
(daily use)Flavors, hydrolysed wheat
protein, EDTA.sodium, semi-lactose
arabic polysaccharides

Spray across lace. Melt with elastic band. Let sit or sit under hair dryer 5-10 mins.Remove elastic band. Perfect for daily wig application or touching up existing lace. Strong enough to provide an all day hold.Can be removed gently at any time.

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